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Chinese Christmas

If you’re in America, then I’m sure you all know what time of year it is. We’ve been hearing the music in literally every store for a while now. It’s Christmas time! If you were looking to avoid it, then you’re out of luck. I’m going to teach you some Chinese Christmas words. It’s not as popular of a holiday in China as it is in the United States. It’s more popular in Taiwan than it is in mainland China. In the United States, you can see holiday lights everywhere you go. There are enormous Christmas trees everywhere. In China there isn’t as much of that festive spirit. There are occasional pictures of Santa Claus taped on store windows and doors and also the occasional lit up Christmas trees. Unfortunately ( or fortunately ), there isn’t much Christmas music either.

Chinese Christmas Words apples. Merry Christmas 开心圣诞节

Christmas Apples

Christmas has been getting more popular over the years. Chinese people even have their own way of celebrating Christmas. They do send gifts to one another, but they also have a very special gift that they send. They send apples to the “good” boys and girls. Not Apple as in iPhones and Macs (although I would happily accept a new iPhone) but actual fruit apples. Their Santa Claus story has him putting apples and nuts into the stockings of good children. I kind of like this version. It really encourages people to be healthy! I’ll still probably enjoy my Christmas cookies though.

Here are some Chinese Christmas Words to continue the festive spirit!

  1. Christmas Eve, Shèngdàn jié qiánxī / 圣诞节前夕/ 聖誕節前夕
  2. Christmas, Shèngdàn jié / 圣诞节 / 聖誕節
  3. Santa Claus or “Christmas Old Man” , Shèngdàn lǎorén / 圣诞老人 / 聖誕老人
  4. Reindeer, Xùnlù / 驯鹿 / 馴鹿
  5. Sled, Xuěqiāo / 雪橇
  6. Christmas Tree, Shèngdànshù/ 圣诞树 / 聖誕樹
  7. Give presents, Sòng lǐwù / 送礼物 / 送禮物
  8. Apple (also the company), Píngguǒ / 苹果 / 蘋果
  9. Snow, Xuě /
  10. Winter, Dōngtiān / 冬天

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