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I recently discovered that there is actually an online Chinese book club. Every month, they will have a Chinese book that they’ll read. This month is a book called  那些年,我们一起追的女孩. According to the reddit post, the book is about 79,000 characters long with about 2500 unique characters. I would recommend those that are between intermediate level to advanced Chinese readers to try reading the book. If you’re a beginner you’re also welcome to try, but it may be difficult to jump right into this level of book. You may end up having to look up most of the words, but you’ll also be able to pick up many words aswell! 

In the reddit post, they have multiple versions of the book, so you don’t even have to pay for the book. There’s also the links to purchase the book through amazon. I personally like the feel of a physical book in my hand, so physical books are usually my go to option.

Here’s a description of the book:





Secondary school student Ko Ching-tung is a troublemaker with terrible grades. To deal with this, his teacher comes up with a way to increase his grades and keep him in check: by placing him under the supervision of honour student Shen Chia-yi. Under Shen Chia-yi’s supervision, Ko Ching-tung’s grades gradually improve. Over the course of all this, Ko Ching-tung also begins to fall in love with the beautiful honour student.

Click the link below to get the book and to also join in the discussions

Reddit Chinese Book Club


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