Where in Taiwan Can You Get Vaccinated / Immunized?

Looking for a travel clinic in Taiwan? Need to get vaccinated / immunized in Taiwan? You’re in luck!

I’ll be heading to India for a couple weeks during Chinese New Year which means lots of vaccinations beforehand! After scouring the web for information on where there’s a travel clinic in Taiwan, I came across this information for National Taiwan University (NTU) Hospital’s Department of Family Medicine: http://www.ntuh.gov.tw/en/FM/Clinical%20Services/Vaccinations.aspx

If you’re looking to get vaccinated in Taiwan, it looks like NTU Hospital is the place to go. They provide a whole ton of vaccinations including: influenza, hepatitis B, hepatitis A, rubella, German measles, measles, mumps, chickenpox, tetanus, pneumonia, Japanese encephalitis, etc.

For International Travel, they do vaccinations against Yellow fever, meningococcal, cholera, etc. The website says you have to bring a Passport and ID Card. Vaccinations are all done at their Travel Clinic at the Department of Family Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital.

The phone number on the website only lists the extensions 67609 and 67614. The NTU Hospital main switchboard number is 02-2312-3456 so you’ll have to call that first then enter the extensions above. If you’re calling from outside of Taiwan, the number is 886-2-2312-3456.

The website also says you should be vaccinated in Taiwan one more before travel. From the website, the standard procedure is: “Registering at Main Registration Desk – Making appointment in Dept. of Family Medicine – Paying fees at the Cashier’s — Collecting medication if any – Being vaccinated (in a treatment room of Dept. of Family Medicine.)


The registration cost is $460NT and the cost of immunizations ranges from $1000NT to $5000NT depending on what you need. Their hours are 9am to noon then 1:30pm to 5pm. Basically you just go register at the hospital then head on to their family medicine / travel clinic area.

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