How to Get a Chinese Scholarship through the Taiwan Scholarship Program

Get a Chinese scholarship and be paid to study Mandarin!

As an incentive to study Chinese in Taiwan, the Taiwanese government offers very generous Chinese scholarships to attract students to Taiwan. Scholarships for Mandarin study are available via the Taiwan Ministry of Education and the TECO office or Taiwan embassy in your country.

Depending on what country you’re coming from, these scholarships can be very easy to get. These Chinese language scholarshipsusually provide up to $800US/month and can be used for tuition fees, living expenses, entertainment expenses, etc. With the lower cost of living in Taiwan, 800USD can cover most or all of your living expenses while in Taiwan – especially if you’re not living in Taipei.

Taiwan Scholarship Program Requirements

While you are a Taiwan scholarship student, you’ll be required to attend class and maintain an average of at least 80% during your studies. While this may (or may not) seem high, grading is usually a bit easier in the Mandarin schools then what you’d be used to at a university back home and an 80% average is not difficult to attain if you attend class and do your homework.

To apply for the Taiwan Ministry of Education scholarships, contact your TECO office in your country to find out how to apply and when the deadlines are. Application deadlines usually fall somewhere between March and May with Chinese scholarships being awarded in the early summer.

Be aware that one of the requirements for applying is that you have never been a registered student at a Mandarin school in Taiwan. If you’re intent on going for the scholarship, be sure to apply for it before you register for Mandarin classes and keep in mind this may determine when you arrive in Taiwan. If you’re awarded the Chinese scholarship, you’ll most likely need to arrive in Taiwan and start Mandarin classes in September.

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