The 9 Levels of Mandarin Study at NTNU’s (Shida’s) Mandarin Training Center

In my meandering of the inter-webs, I came across this excellent breakdown of Shida’s 9 levels of Mandarin study.

(In case you weren’t aware, Shida breaks down their courses into 9 levels where each level takes between 1-2 quarters (3 months) to complete if you’re doing their ‘normal’ rather than ‘intensive’ classes.)

Level 1 – Practical Audio-Visual Chinese I
Level 2 – Practical Audio-Visual Chinese II
Level 3 – Practical Audio-Visual Chinese III
Level 4 – Practical Audio-Visual Chinese IV
Level 5 – Far East Everyday Chinese III
Level 5 – Practical Audio-Visual Chinese V

Up until level 5, students have pretty much no options as to what they study and everyone follows pretty much the same path (with the exception of American/Canadian/etc born Chinese that can speak but not read/write Chinese.) Beyond level 5 you have more control over which courses you study (e.g., classical chinese vs. modern chinese, speaking vs. reading, etc):

Level 6 – Business Chinese Conversation II
Level 6 – Learning Chinese with Newspaper I
Level 6 – Listening Practice (Intermediate-Advanced Level)
Level 7 – Learning Chinese with Newspaper II
Level 7 – Learning Chinese with Newspaper III
Level 7 – Thought and Society
Level 7 – News & Views
Level 7 – Selected Financial News
Level 7 – The Independent Reader
Level 8 – Selected Articles from Various Journals
Level 8 – Contemporary Short Stories from Taiwan

For more detailed info on getting started at National Taiwan Normal Univerity’s Mandarin Training Center, I suggest checking out the blog post at

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