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Learn Chinese Symbols for Food

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. We aren’t really trying to win any hearts here, but in order to learn Chinese, it’s pretty important to learn about the foods that people eat in Taiwan. You don’t want to spend your time eating burgers from McDonalds when there is real Chinese food all around you.

However I want to focus more on the ordering side. When you first go to Taiwan, you probably don’t want to end up eating something super exotic. Even though I’ve grown up around Chinese food, I still don’t think I’m ready to eat livers and gallbladders. There are some foods that every Chinese person eats that aren’t too out of the norm. Nearly all of the restaurants you visit will have these types of foods. You won’t have to worry about feeling squeamish when you first order food. Take the time to memorize these characters, so you will be better prepared for when you go to Taiwan. I also added the simplified character if you’re going to China. The simplified characters are on the left side.

  1. Chinese character for rice or meal: fàn/ 饭/ 飯
  2. Chinese character for noodle: miàn / 面 / 麵
  3. Chinese character for water: shuǐ /水
  4. Chinese character for tea: chá /茶
  5. Chinese character for meat: ròu / 肉 (this is actual two people (人) on top of each other!)
  6. Chinese character for chicken: jī ròu / 鸡肉 / 雞(肉)
  7. Chinese character for pork: zhū ròu /猪肉/豬(肉)
  8. Chinese character for beef:  niú ròu / 牛(肉)
  9. Chinese character for vegetable:  shū cài / 蔬菜
  10. Chinese character for restaurant: cāntīng / 餐厅 /餐廳
  11. Chinese character for PLUS one bonus character – eat: chī / 吃 (notice the mouth (口) on the left side)

Now that you know these characters, you at least won’t starve to death while you’re in Taiwan.


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