How to Get to the Super Secret 35th Floor Starbucks in Taipei 101

Is your neighborhood Starbucks always crammed full of loud, screaming high school students?

If so, I feel your pain.

It’s one of the more difficult parts of living in Taiwan that Starbucks seem to be a favorite hangout place for high school students who plop their bags down in the morning and never leave (or do leave but hold the seats the entire day with their bags.)

I invite you, my dear reader, to escape the screaming hordes of children and join me at my favorite mobile workplace in Taipei – the 35th floor Starbucks in the Taipei 101 building.

Step #1: Use the Right Entrance!

You’ll need to go through the SongZhi Street entrance. The entrance you need is at the corner of SongZhi Street and XinYi Street. Do NOT use the mall entrance. That will not take you anywhere worth going to as brand-name Western stores in Taiwan are way overpriced. Use the entrance indicated by the big arrow below.


Step #2: Get Your Super Secret Taipei 101 Access Card

When you go in, you’ll see 4 or 5 cute little visitor access pavilions to your left. Head to one, select English, then select “Search by Floor”. Enter 35 then hit continue. It will then bring up the list of businesses on that floor. Select Starbucks. IF Starbucks doesn’t answer, select Illy Espressamente. In either case, once something answers tell them the number of people then give them your last name when they ask. At the end of the call, the screen will change to say “issue access cards”. Click that once then take the access card that pops out. If you told them two people, you’ll need to hit the button again after the first card pops up to receive your second.


Step #3: Take Your Super Secret Taipei 101 Access Card and Head Up the Elevator to Floor 35

Security will make you swipe the cards. Once you’re past them, take the elevator that goes to Floor 35 (it’ll be marked).


Step #4: Follow the Signs to the Taipei 101 Starbucks.


Step #5: You’ve Arrived! Enjoy the View!


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