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Welcome Mandarin Chinese Language Lovers!

Keelung Night Market in Keelung, Taiwan

This website is dedicated to all of you crazy folks that got it in your head one day to try to learn one of the world’s hardest languages – Chinese!

More specifically though, this website is dedicated to those of you that are considering studying Chinese in Taiwan or are already here studying Chinese in Taiwan.

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Because this website was built specifically for you! My goal is to make this website THE place on the internet for the Taiwan Mandarin students community to:

  • Gather and meet other Mandarin students across Taiwan (head on over to the Mandarin Student Lounge)
  • Learn useful Mandarin study tips and discover online resources to accelerate your studies (check out the Study Chinese Resources Section!)
  • Share experiences about our respective Mandarin schools and teachers (leave your Feedback on your school and teacher)
  • For those writers out there, exchange your Mandarin Chinese study tips and knowledge with other students (submit an article and be featured on our blog and email newsletter!)
  • In other words, this website is your one stop shop to help you improve your Mandarin, plan your overseas Mandarin studies here in Taiwan and otherwise have a great time with other Mandarin students here in Taiwan and all over the world!

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    Well, you probably only need it IF you’re seriously considering coming to Taiwan to study Chinese or are already here studying Chinese. The E-Book was specifically written for people passionate about becoming fluent in Mandarin, and most of the info is, unsurprisingly, geared specifically to studying Mandarin in Taiwan! Click here to go to the E-Book page for complete details.

    The E-Book covers everything you need to know about studying Chinese in Taiwan including:

    1. What Taiwan visas you need and how you can get them.
    2. How to apply for health insurance here in Taiwan (The National Health Insurance [NHI] program).
    3. Where to buy all the essentials in Taiwan at the cheapest prices.
    4. Where to meet language exchange partners.
    5. Where to find housing in Taiwan, etc.
    6. How to avoid common and costly mistakes Mandarin students tend to make.
    7. Must-know study tips from Taiwan’s top mandarin teachers and more.

    If you’re considering coming to Taiwan, get the E-Book because it will save you tons of time and research. I spent months compiling all the information in that E-Book. Everything you need to know about coming to Taiwan to study Mandarin is in there! Click here to go to the E-Book page for complete details

    If you’re not sure yet Taiwan’s for you, take advantage of everything else this site has to offer. Maybe in the process you’ll be convinced to make the trip over here yourself. After 6 months studying Chinese in an immersion environment, most students can engage in basic conversation fluently. It’s hard to reach that level if you’re only taking a weekly class for a couple hours.

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